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Kristina Schulz
Kristina SchulzUpdated 2 years ago

View TV the smart way with Samsung Smart View

The worlds of TV and computing are drawing ever closer together, thanks to smart TVs, on demand services and streaming technology. Even our mobiles are like mini-TVs and it’s great when you find a way to let your TV and phone interact. Samsung Smart View is the main app for doing just that, if you have Samsung Smart TV. With this free app you can share content between TV and phone, or even use your phone as a remote! If you want to add features to your TV for free, this is the ideal app.

Now that’s a smart TV

Samsung Smart View is your default choice for interacting between handset and TV set, when you own as Samsung Smart TV. The list of features is solid and really lends a futuristic feel to your TV setup! For starters, you have content sharing. This means that if you have photos, videos or music on your phone, you can play them on the TV. Great if you want to watch on the big screen or show things to your friends. The next big feature is remote control, something which is great fun to try and can be very useful. Not only is this handy if you can’t reach the remote or you lose yours, but you can also drive friends crazy by changing channels! Having control of the TV on your Phone also means that you can sit back and relax without the sofa being cluttered by remotes.

Limited but very useful

There are some nice useability touches in Samsung Smart View, such as the ability to make playlists of content, which makes life a touch easier when you’re displaying your content. Content viewed on the TV looks big and bright and the connection seems to be pretty stable and quick. Navigation of the software is easy too, with a large-text, fairly minimalist approach that should appeal to those with sight issues. Connecting phone to TV is a case of using the same Wi-Fi network so those with only mobile internet will miss out, though Wi-Fi is pretty standard for Smart TV users anyway. Pairing TV and Phone can be a little finicky and Samsung’s instructions are very limited indeed, but you can’t go far wrong. Note that only certain models are supported. The remote control element is good and you will see buttons for everything, from the Smart Hub to volume and playback. You can even enter text, handy for searching Smart features.

The smart choice

Though there are not many features to this app, for a freebie it’s great and it does expand the capabilities of your TV. Having remote access is an incredibly useful backup when you lose remotes or batteries run out. Being able to view your content on the big screen is great when you want to do a little YouTube browsing or share your photos with friends, without squinting around a phone screen. All in all, Samsung Smart View is worth installing and keeping as an extra way to enjoy your Smart TV.


  • Handy remote control on your phone
  • View video, photo and music content on the TV
  • Very easy to use once set up


  • Can be tricky to set up

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Samsung SmartView APK for Android

  • Free
  • In English
  • V
  • 3.6
  • (145)
  • APK Status

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